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    10 Extreme Outdoor Lodging Options

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    Here are 10 examples of extreme outdoor lodging options, as reported by CNN.

    Those wanting to get away from it all and commune with nature could simply pitch a tent in the wild, but there are far better options.

    Here are 10 examples of extreme outdoor lodging options, as reported by CNN.

    Number 10. Kaksaluttanen Arctic Resort, Finland. The Northern Lights are one of the planet’s greatest spectacles and there are few better places to see them than from here. Igloos made of glass provide shelter from the elements without compromising the view.

    Number 9. Sledge-Project, Greenland. When the terrain is tough, cars will only get a person so far. Enter the stylish white structures built on skis. Towed by a team of sled dogs or a snowmobile these shelters can transport people into truly remote parts of the world.

    Number 8. Fire Shelter: 01, Denmark. If the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen has you down, consider taking a 20-minute bike ride to this locale. It was built by an architect who considers it his gift to people who want to spend some time just hanging out with friends around a fire.

    Number 7. Hotel Astronomico Elqui Domos, Chile. Nestled in the Elqui Domos valley, this Chilean outpost capitalizes on the area’s 300 annual clear viewing nights. Each cabin is built with an observatory window, allowing visitors to stargaze from the comfort of their own rooms.

    Number 6. Bivacco Luca Vuerich, Italy. This basic A-frame is located on the top of a mountain in the Julian Alps. The structure was airlifted to its location, but those who typically use it as a rest stop get there by scaling their way up to it.

    Number 5. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada. These shelters allow people to stay in Vancouver Island’s rainforest without making significantly impacting the environment. They were modeled after nutshells and each tree house provides spaces to eat, sleep, and power up electronics.

    Number 4. Between Alder and Oak, Germany. Situated amongst its two namesake trees, this little house offers some truly stunning panoramic views of Lower Saxony. Even its roof has a window made for nature watching.

    Number 3. The Truffle, Spain. Sure, there were architects involved in the making of this shelter, but a lot of the construction work was done by a cow. Bales of hay were covered in concrete, and once the structure was stable, the bovine was given the treat of eating the yummy insides, clearing the hollow within.

    Number 2. Le Tronc Creux, France. This log-like getaway was built to be reminiscent of the homes nature’s creatures make for themselves in hollowed tree trunks. Like the tree homes of animals, it has no running water or electricity.

    Number 1. Cocoon, United Kingdom. Woven amongst the trees of Hook Park in South West England, the cozy space is intended as a place for visitors to watch the sunset and get closer to nature.

    Which space would you most like to spend some time in?