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    Thousands of Ukrainians flee Crimea for new home in Russia


    by PressTV

    Tens of thousands of people have fled eastern Ukraine since a conflict erupted there, between pro-Russian forces and government troops in mid-April. The fighting began when Kiev started its so-called anti-terror operation to suppress the pro-Russians in the east.
    Over 2,000 people have reportedly been killed and thousands more injured ever since, with hundreds becoming displaced on a daily basis. Thousands of residents of eastern Ukraine have fled the conflict zones and escaped to neighboring Crimea, which rejoined Russia after a referendum on the reintegration back in March. Still, refugees continue to pour in. But now as the Ukrainian refugees are overflowing in the Crimean peninsula, many of them are heading to Russia in the hope of integrating into the Russian society. I talked to some residents of Crimea. They say the surge in the number of Ukrainians heading to Russia is probably for finding jobs. Crimea is known to be a touristic destination and employment is abundant during the summer season. With winter quickly approaching, residents are more likely to find jobs in Russia.