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    Ukraine: West, Russia at loggerheads


    by PressTV

    The first part of the Russian humanitarian aid convoy recently crossed into eastern Ukraine, amid ongoing tensions between the Western-backed government in Kiev and Moscow.

    Ukrainian security officials called the move an invasion, but Russia says it can no longer tolerate the suffering of the people in eastern Ukraine.

    Russia’s move was met with harsh criticism from the Western backers of the Kiev government.

    NATO condemned Russia for what it called a blatant breach of the international commitments of Kremlin. The United States has threatened Russia with further sanctions.

    The Red Cross initially agreed to accompany the convoy but later released a statement saying that the city of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine was not safe enough for them to enter.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry says it has authorized the crossing of the convoy because it was fed up with stalling by the government in Kiev. Kremlin argues that Kiev is giving excuses as to not let the aid convoy into areas that have suffered a great catastrophe.

    Kiev and its Western allies blame Moscow for fueling anti-government protests in eastern Ukraine. Russia denies the claims.