Too Funky - 1998



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Too Funky - 1998 Sofia concert "You are not Alone'
George Michael - in Support of Bulgarian Nurses sentences on fake grounds to death and kept in Libyan prison for 8th year running ...


whatever.. you bulgarian are such killers..we open up the door for u to come and work and get bread while u suffer and dying from hunger and u just pay us back with killing our kids,if we treated u like the rest of europian countries do we wont be through this..but u just bit the hand which help u..life is funny ..u know as much as it feels me pain as much as makes me laugh its so funny to kill children and be hero and all world supporting u.. but u know what there is always great GOD and he will judge the criminlas i am so sure he will
By Gangsta- 8 years ago
To Gangsta and Tripolitano - Y'tday luckily they're back fm Libyan prison to Sofia!!!...Nurses and the doc ... Families got abt 1m each fm alledgedly Kuweit origin thanks to mainly French diplomacy... You re probably right abt the innocent kids and their tragedy but It is beyond doubt that the Nurses were just as innocent as the children ... Neverthless it is true tht George Michael's tribute in their release is also beyond denial...
By SPORTAGE07 8 years ago
you fucking supporting the stupid bitches Bulgarian Nurses ..and who is gonna support the innocent libyan children then..innocent children dying for stupid mistakes of stupid ass bitches..be real mothfuckers
By Gangsta- 8 years ago
no body can give support for the 400 dying children as well?
By tripolitano 8 years ago