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    Office Fridge Notes Over Stolen Sandwich Go Viral

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An argument between two fellow office staffers was captured by a number of photos. The altercation between the two started over a stolen sandwich.

    While big companies routinely solve complex problems, it's the little challenges like sharing an office refrigerator that can often seem more daunting.

    An argument between two fellow staffers recently went viral. The altercation started over a stolen sandwich.

    The first picture shows a note on the company fridge that called out the then unknown person who was stealing an employee’s sandwiches. The culprit responded with his own note that said he had the precious sandwich and was holding it hostage.

    He ordered the writer to leave 10 dollars on a plate in the fridge. The victim requested it be given back. There was also an unsubtle threat to contact human resources.

    At that point, the crook took photos of the sandwich with a bite missing. HR then stepped in and left a letter in the same spot for the sandwich’s safe return.

    The suspect demanded a pizza be bought for him. When he got a typed ‘no’ for an answer he printed a photo of the meal and noted he would use the bite and spit technique to annoy the sandwich owner.

    Unfortunately for the thief, HR checked the office’s printer queue and found out the suspect's identity.

    His reaction - as the famous ad says - priceless.