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    IKEA Teams Up With Airbnb To Offer Free Overnight Stay To Guests

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    The booking site, Airbnb is offering a promotion that allows individuals the chance to sleep at IKEA locations in Perth and Sydney for free.

    IKEA showrooms all over the world invite customers to try out the furniture, but what if you want to take a nap?

    In an unusual promotion, participating stores in Australia are giving sleepy IKEA lovers that opportunity. Working with booking site, Airbnb, individuals will have the chance to sleep at IKEA locations in Perth and Sydney for free.

    On Sunday, August 31st, the company will transform its furniture collections to accommodate three groups of up to four guests. Not only will they be able to sleep in the showrooms, but they’ll receive tips on how to revamp their own homes including some pointers on making them Airbnb friendly, along with a communal dinner.

    To keep the kids entertained, IKEA TVs will be powered on and Playstations are going to be up and running. Circus games are yet another feature.

    Guests will receive an unusual wake-up call and a complimentary breakfast. They'll also get to keep bed sheets and linens used during their visit as a parting gift.

    The sleepover is free but guests will have to pay a $12 Airbnb administrative fee. What do you think of the promotion?