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    Joshua Redman - Straight Ahead


    door MrDrive

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    did ever cross your mind that he might do it on purpose? In my opinion the way he hangs in the begining is perfect....
    Door thejawker6 jaren geleden
    Unforgivable? That's a big word, don't you think? He's human after all.
    Door hemispheres21128 jaren geleden
    Man, the pianist is slow on EVERY HIT, what's up with that?
    When he half-times at the beginning of his solo, he was half a beat too slow.. Unforgivable at this level.

    However everything he blew after that was killin'!
    Door lorenzini18 jaren geleden
    Vladimir Shafranov
    HEEJ to you too,mr Drive!Iam most certainly not negative about any players but critical about some of the performances of overrated "stars".I do enjoy a lot of your videos and don´t mean to annoy you,don´t take it personnaly.No I don´t play sax,but that doesn´t mean I can´t hear what sax player is doing(or not doing)I am also not a chicken but can recognize rotten egg when I see one.And no,there´s no one I know of in Finland that can play like Joshua,but what of it?Music is music no matter where it comes from,and when I´ll hear great playing I´ll comment accordingly.Respectfully Vova47
    Door Vladimir Shafranov9 jaren geleden
    Heej Vova47,

    Is that you again! Still negative about the players of today! Why? Can you play the sax by yourself? Well, if you do so feel free to post some of your music. Otherwise enjoy what all this kind of sites have to offer. And yes, not everybody is Coltrane. But one last thing. Is there in Finland one saxplayer who can play like Joshua? Please let me know.


    Mr Drive a.k.a. Tenorfreek
    Door MrDrive9 jaren geleden
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