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    Toby Turner, TOBUSCUS, Nicole Brajer, The Geekie Awards

    Gordon Vasquez

    by Gordon Vasquez

    Toby Turner ia WIKIPEDIA - Toby Turner first joined YouTube on May 14, 2006, when he created a channel under the name of "Tobuscus".[1] The first video that remains on the channel is a sketch based on the 2006 film Click entitled "What I'd do with the remote from Click".[6] One of Turner's most popular early videos is "Don't Tase Me, Bro!", a remixed recording of the University of Florida Taser incident in which his classmate Andrew Meyer was stunned with a taser gun by a police officer.[7] Interviewed about the video by MTV, Turner explained that, after watching the clip, "as soon as [he] heard [Andrew] yelling, [he] knew it would fit in a hip-hop song", and that he "wanted to give [Andrew] the profits" from sales of related merchandise.