UFO-98-(Brazil - unbeliveable)


door 103ufo

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9 commentaar

Door kantoilagi 7 jaren geleden
trucattchéauboutdunecorde.com !!!!!! on nous prend pour des cons !!!
Door nicotine35 8 jaren geleden
Bravo pour les trucages et la corde qu'on voit sur la gauche et comme dirait horus
le mec il est planté là en pleine foret et attends sagement un ovni. Faut qu'il joue au loto le caméraman!!
Door SAINTEX974 8 jaren geleden
MDR c simplement un truc ataché au bou d une corde regarder bien le mouvement
tro mauvai trucage
Door lattab 8 jaren geleden
Yes, unbelievable is the right term here. Most likely this is a fake. Why is the camera not following the craft before it gets over the water? What is so compelling about the water that the strange craft gets ignored until it enters the frame? Why didn't the camera follow the craft once it was spotted? Why is the clip so short? Why is the water so blurry while the rest of the scene appears clear? Why does the craft not interact with the water (i.e., no wake or ripples caused by the craft's movement)?

There are simply too many questions. Its a fake. A rather admirable one, but fake nontheless.
Door theothermib 8 jaren geleden
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