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    CNN's Jake Tapper Going In

    Jose 3030FM

    by Jose 3030FM

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    Buddy Pease (Verified Contributor)
    I just watched the full HD movie here It is a great movie enjoy!
    It's called a peaceful protest for a reason, and even if it did turn violent I'm sure the police have enough tear gas to handle the problem. They haven't had a problem using it already, if it turns violent they should be overjoyed to have a valid reason. Also the people of Ferguson have started guarding stores to prevent looting, the PEOPLE not the police. The lootings were not done by the protesters, but the protesters ARE trying to prevent it.
    By LuisaLast year
    You are the ones who would burn the whole town down and kill all the black people live in Rosewood, not you Rick. but the people here hurt no one. What about the dead boy. you all are weak minded, I don't why color is your problem.  clearly a white is trying to show some one why the people are mad, not hurting anyone and then you turn on your own kind.
    By James_MoffattLast year
    Rick San
    Who's laws are they disobeying? Certainly not my laws! We the people have the right to peaceably assemble, the right to freedom of speech and expression, and the freedom from unlawful search and seizure. These are our laws, take them away and you have no laws at all. The citizens of Ferguson will overcome the draconian police state.
    By Rick SanLast year
    Well armed police certainly haven't stopped them in the past, so. . .
    By rebodoLast year
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