Wafa Sultan Refuted on Aljazeera

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HQ VERSION ----> http://short.lu/vhz5
Von Courageousindiv511Letztes Februar
This is the only website that has a working stream http://121w.at/2hp29
Von Fanaticalmercha416Letztes Februar
http://i2c.sk/wbcGnd -> see live here
Von Overwroughtbywo810Letztes Februar
This man knows what he is talking about. The West is in constant re-invention. When the whites' disgrace upon the Indians of America is mentioned, it is a long past history. They say, that isn't us today. But THAT history is living withe EVERY Indian today. The western moralizing is about the most backward of activities. It clouds and is filled with sophistic rhetoric. Many westerners are fooled by their own rhetoric, but when the stick is hitting you in the head, you KNOW who is doing the hitting. So brothers, LOOK at the facts of western history, it is filled with war and tribulation. They LIVE for it, they can not survive without conflict. There is a constant enemy for them to defeat. The arabs and the muslims are NOT going to be exterminated, nor will they be shamed for their religion or their place in history.
Von morokiattVor 7 Jahren
For some reason no one wants us to see the REAL part 3 from the Aljazeera interview.
Von truth_hunterVor 7 Jahren
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