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    WEB NEWS - Web users take on 'Ice Bucket Challenge' to fight ALS

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    In this edition: the "Ice Bucket Challenge" sweeps the web, raising money for charity; the online campaign to reunite a little girl with her lost cuddly toy; and a French breakdance champ in a pretty impressive display.

    Throw a freezing cold bucket of water of your head and nominate friends to do the same. This is the new craze sweeping the web. It`s called the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and is for a good cause because anyone who refuses the challenge has to make a donation to a charity or association that deals with neurodegenerative diseases.
    As we can see here Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg completed the challenge on August 13, taking the trend to the world of celebrities. He went on to nominate Microsoft boss Bill Gates who also pulled it off. And now other famous faces are taking on the “Ice Bucket Challenge”. From the movie world, Steven Spielberg and ben Stiller, and also form the sporting world, with American basketball player LeBron James for example, or Brazilian football star Neymar.
    So the aim is to raise awareness and of course to raise funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is called motor neurone disease in the UK. And as the ALS Foundation, which specializes in research for diseases of the nervous system, reports on its website, its proving extremely successful, with the “Ice Bucket Challenge” raising over 13 million dollars in just three months.
    And as these Twitter messages will testify, people suffering from ALS and their families have been deeply touched by this wave of solidarity and have been saying how important the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is in raising awareness of this crippling ... Go on reading on our web site.
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