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    Buakaw vs Petrosyan (part 2)

    Colargol Ours

    by Colargol Ours

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    VVVIIIIIIIIVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE !!! L'ARMENIE bien joué beau combat muzic d'entré magnifik riena dir
    By vrej936008 years ago
    gerry noche
    buakaw has difficulties fighting southpaws.
    By gerry noche9 years ago
    1. Petrosyan is a very quick fighter with a good feeling for distance. So Buakaw's boxingstyle does not work very well against such a quick moving fighter. Masato has got the right boxing style with short an quick shots. So Buakaw's boxingstyle has to be improved a little bit more.
    2. Petrosyan is a southpaw. That's why Buakaw is kicking much more with his right leg. It may also be a reason why Buakaw had a little bit trouble with him.
    By ShadowMidian9 years ago
    Tell me if I am wrong, but I think punches are considered superior in Western Hemisphere where as kicks are considered more superior in Thailand. If this fight is judged in Thailand or Japan Buakaw would win.
    By 19734me9 years ago
    ils ont voler buakaw !!!
    By soonss9 years ago
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