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    Stunning Timelapse of Milky Way & Northern Lights In USA Skies

    Barcroft TV

    by Barcroft TV

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    The stunning skies in Midwestern U.S.A. captured by photographer Randy Halverson. The videographer captured rare footage of the Milky Way, the elusive Northern Lights and raging night storms in some of the most isolated regions of the U.S.A. The footage, which spans the skies of South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah, was taken between spring and autumn 2013. The 47-year-old spent 40 nights scattered across the eight-month period sat near his camera to capture the clear footage. Randy from Kennebec, South Dakota has been shooting timelapse for over 4 years.

    Videographer / Director: Randy Halverson
    Producer: Amanda Stringfellow
    Editor: Ian Phillips / Jack Stevens