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    Rich Mundo
    This is the official opening ceremony of the Cremation of Care. So from Daycare to they don't care who the daddy is, I've Had it, Flipping the Script like Judas, all yall bitches and we hit it doggy style, so if you aint lactitating, keep ya titties. No Rapist, No Serial Killers, We don't even got Frosted Flake Cereals. The cycle is sick, So Let Cam Kill it. The Owls Say Hootie Hoo, That mean who did what to who? So tell the Crocodiles they tears are still and if the Gators jump they know we need winter coats, new air force ones not to boast, and then tell PETA we wear wife beaters not for fashion so Throw red On my Furs and its A Blur, show you an Apex Predator that come down head first, They Scarred my face first, so it's cause and effect, 1st grade teacher gave me my eraser back, and said fuck hittem from the back, Re Write and Remix they life until they speaking latin base, thats language of the dead, so can yall LIVE? Keep speaking and you already dead. Like The Winnipeg
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago