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    Camron Feat. Juelz Santana - Oh Boy


    by AC310DC

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    Rich Mundo
    Yall got me thinking real B.C. right now! So I check in with my company, First I go to Phipps, stop at the satellite, Broad called the security cause I was talking Politics. So Yall need to cease the New Jackie, Aint nothing in that bag but useless currency, I got plans for the New Ad Campaign. Lets get real, Soccer Moms with they daughters, All this agency work got yall looking like temporary Jerks, Im the Real, So Deal with chance, and it better be a straight box, no scratch offs, Hardy Har, Been Par, But now its the Ture, Flames from below matched by lighting above, Yall Scrub like Faison Love, I Donald the Bub, thats the Champagne, Probably be drinking the Colt 45, So Billy Dee When He Threw the Dogs in The swimming Pool, My Money aint right, that mean my mind wandering, like I got the keys to the zoo, let the animals judge you and me, I aint talking bout Pits, or birds, Im talking bout Sharks, Tigers, Lions, and Bears, No sedatives, I be the Beast Brethren, Who yall Mastering?
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago