Triple H Dumps Stephanie!!!

Kaz Da Gr8 1
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Its Over! The Relationship has Finally Ended! This was a Classic Raw Moment "I can see what you truly are...A no good lying BITCH!"

But seriously why would Triple H dump her now, she has always been a bitch but now she is so Hot, I can't understand The Game.


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By Intendant807 6 years ago
I wonder what HHH meant by steph "using his emotions against him."
By miletichz 7 years ago
no she's not. Right now she's not in 2000 days she was but Candice Michelle, Trish Stratus, Melina are all much hotter
By Chris Smith 7 years ago
I don't get how he found out from the tape
By Breakdown23 7 years ago
he is married to her in real life you kno, shes the hotest women in th ehistory of the wwe tho u r right
By Adam 7 years ago