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    WEB NEWS - Michael Brown's death continues to cause fury online

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    In this edition: Net users continue protests over US teen’s death; a clothing advert shocks the web; and film maker Devin Graham introduces an unusual sport.

    A fresh wave of riots broke out in the early hours of Sunday in Ferguson, USA despite a curfew imposed by the Missouri Governor to avoid looting. Tensions have been running high for over a week, in the wake of the death of Michael Brown, a black teenager shot dead by a police officer on August 9.
    Outrage has spread across the country, with hundreds of night-time vigils being held on Thursday evening in large American cities, as shown by these photos taken in New York, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco. The amateur images show protesters chanting the slogan "hands up, don’t shoot", in criticism of the fact that Michael Brown was killed while unarmed.
    The demonstrators have made massive use of social networks to galvanise support. They have set up a Facebook page, as well as a Google document accessible online. They aim to list the various protests across the States and make known to the masses how and when these gatherings are taking place.
    This vast protest movement has also attracted members of the activist group, Anonymous who are carrying out their own investigation in order to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Michael Brown’s death. They have gleaned audio extracts from conversations between police officers in Ferguson just prior to the tragedy. Surprising messages have also arrived via Twitter from Palestinians, offering advice to protesters such as not to touch your face in the event of being sprayed with tear gas.
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