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    Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair-Grudge Match


    by TSteck160

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    full episode is right here
    No belts were on the line here - as the title was held up til the Royal Rumble a few weeks later. However, the impressive crowd shot at the beginning is indicative of the importance of this first ever singles contest between the two biggest superstars of the 1980s. With Perfect around it'll unfortunately turn into a match where Flair can only get the one-up with outside interference. It's almost a full-on squash but at least Flair's dignity is maintained at the end. A pretty entertaining bout. I'm from Chicago - not NYC...we weren't given any options of viewing the monthly house shows on any cable station. How much did a subscription to the MSG network cost and what kind of WWF material did it provide?
    By jboyaquar7 years ago