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    Anti-war activists slam Boeing’s sale of arms to Israel


    by PressTV

    Chicago has hosted the largest Air and Water Show in the US, displaying some of the most sophisticated military technology for public entertainment. Boeing, the aerospace giant and military weaponry manufacturer, along with other corporations sponsored this year's event.
    The Anti-War Committee of Chicago has initiated a protest to demand city officials to drop Boeing as a sponsor of this year's event. According to the protestors, Boeing's war planes are not instruments of entertainment, but of death. Protestors believe the show is used as a tool for military recruitment. The most pressing concern of the activists appeared to be Boeing's connection to the recent Israeli military offensive in Gaza. They reenacted for the public a scene from civilian deaths in Gaza by lying on the ground, with bloody sheets over them as war planes put on a show nearby. Boeing does not deny the sale of weaponry to Israel, and in fact, celebrates the company's historical connection to the Israeli military. Chicago and Boeing appear non-responsive to protestor demands. Boeing continues to operate its headquarters in Chicago, and according to some activists, without the obligation to pay taxes.