train vs train


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C le méchan train norange qui c trô navancé!
Par dufonrafal Il y a 5 ans
This is referred to as a "Corn Field Meet." Not a good way to end your railroad career.
Par OFFTHEWALLEYE Il y a 7 ans
Actually, that was a BNSF safety test. To see if the locomotives could handle it.
Par UP1995 Il y a 8 ans
That was a nasty wreck, someone took pictures of the aftermath. That the engineer on the other train was said to be asleep and let his train roll past the red signal and then he jumped clear before the crash. I'm not so sure what the main reason the crash was for. This also shows how hard it is for a heavy freight train to stop on a dime.
Par Matthew Betzner Il y a 8 ans
bugger me mate, thats gonna leave a mark.
Par currawanker Il y a 8 ans
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