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    Terror in Iraq: Who Stops the Slaughter? | Quadriga

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    Tens of thousands of people are on the run in northern Iraq fleeing the atrocities of jihadist Islamic State insurgents. Iraqi Kurds - now supported by US airstrikes - are the only bulwark against the advance of the Islamist fighters. France has called for the EU to supply arms. Germany has also raised the possibility of military assistance. But does the help come too late?

    Alison Smale, British journalist - as Deputy Foreign Editor at The New York Times she organized much of the paper's coverage of the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan. She is now the New York Times bureau chief in Berlin.

    Daniel Gerlach, founder and editor-in-chief of Zenith, a German magazine focusing on politics, economics and culture in the Middle East.

    Amir Musawy, Berlin correspondent for Iraqia TV.

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