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Spider Photobombs BBC Broadcast

3 years ago1K views


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Spiders can often spring up at the most inopportune times and in the strangest places. A spider recently photobombed a live BBC broadcast right as newsreader Graham Stewart was reporting.

Even non-human creatures are now getting into this whole photobombing thing.

A spider recently photobombed a live BBC broadcast right as the news anchor Graham Stewart was reporting. The spider was certainly a distraction during the early morning segment of ‘Reporting Scotland’.

The creepy-looking arachnid found its way to the camera. It came right into view and crawled a little further down the lens, where a tiny insect was hanging out.

It seemed as though the spider was determined to get some food, as it headed straight towards the little bug and snatched it up. Once the spider got its prey, it retreated out of sight.

Stewart talked through the whole ordeal and seemed unphased by the fact a spider had photobombed his report. That’s probably because he didn't have any idea what happened at first.

He later explained “I was completely unaware of what was going on until viewers began tweeting us….I hope our viewers weren't put off their breakfast – I know the spider certainly wasn't."

The clip was posted on social media and right away, it was a hit.