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    Tehran hosts 14th building & construction industry expo


    by PressTV

    One of the biggest building and construction exhibitions in the world;
    The exhibition is aimed at developing the country’s construction style, promoting employment and creating a commercial atmosphere conducive to competitiveness with international companies. The construction industry of Iran is divided into two main sections. One is government infrastructure projects and the other one is the housing industry. In recent years, the construction industry has been thriving due to an increase in national and international investment to the extent that it is now the largest in the Middle East region. Iran ranks first in the Middle East in terms of construction projects with about two million dollars being spent every hour on building and road construction in the country. Iranian assets in the building sector are reported to be far more than its assets in the oil and gas sector. 20% of employment rate of the country is directly or indirectly dependent on the building industry. 30% of the country’s economy has to do with the building sector. Annual turnover in Iran’s building sector currently stands at 40 billion dollars.