Jon Voight Regarding Mountain Meadows Massacre

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Samuel the Utahnite
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Jon Voight's interview regarding his role in "September Dawn", which is about the Mountain Meadows Massacre, when Mormon leadership and members at the order of Brigham Young, slaughtered at least 120 innocent men, women and children.

They were just following his blood atonement teachings, which included sticking a javelin through your adulterous wife and her lover, in the name of God.

Of course Brigham Young was one of the biggest serial adulterers of all time, in the name of the Mormon God of course, following Joseph Smith's fine example of serial adultery.

If this is too hard for you TBMS and Mormon apologists to accept and believe, FUCKING look it up and you'll discover that I'm right on the money once again and you all have your head up your ass!! I have no need to make this shit up, because the TRUTH is damning enough!!

Most of my videos, most of which are just news videos, have now been marked "explicit" by someone, who obviously can't handle the "real truth." If news reports stating the truth about your fucked up Mormon cult is too much for you guys to accept, deal with and handle, then maybe you should quit the Goddamn cult!!

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I am proud of Jon Voights decision to make this movie. He did a fine job of acting and it is to bad that the movie did not do better at the box office.
By Gary Smedley February