LORE – Psychonauts Dev Lore in a Minute!


by lore

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dookieshed is here with your Psychonauts Dev Lore!
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Written by Clara

Voiced by dookieshed:

Animated by Jeremey:


In 1989, after inadvertently saying he loved the pirated version of their game in the phone interview, Tim Schafer was offered a position in the Games Division at Lucasfilm. He began by game testing before moving into the co-writing, programming and design of The Secret of Monkey Island. But when the idea for the Full Throttle protagonist to have an interactive peyote-induced hallucination could never be approved by the family-oriented LucasArts, Tim Schafer stashed it away for when he would eventually depart Lucasarts years later. In 2000, Schafer left to form Double Fine, taking colleagues from Grim Fandango, the name “Raz” from a LucasArts animator, and the animator himself. Together, they began work on what would become Psychonauts. With Microsoft backing out of its publishing agreement, Double Fine signed with Majesco and released Psychonauts in 2005 to a handful of “Best Game No One Played” awards. Psychonauts was a commercial failure, but was released as one the of first Xbox Originals for the 360’s Xbox Live Marketplace in 2007, and sold more than ever before with Steam and within the first few hours of release of the Humble Indie Bundle 5 in 2012. Psychonauts has since gained a cult following and Notch’s financial backing for a sequel… until he found out it was going to cost him $18 million dollars. Have fun!

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