Tibetan Snow lion dance

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The Snow lion dance or Seng-geh Gar-cham of Tibet is a very symbolic dance art form. According to Buddhist beliefs, snow lions are considered as a good omen. Co-incidentally it is also the official symbol for Tibet since 1909. The snow lion does not exist in real life, but a myth which symbolizes fearlessness and happiness.
According to a website http://www.artelino.eu/en/articles/tibetan-mythology/179-tibet-snow-lion.html

"Since 1909 the snow lion has been part of the Tibetan flag in various designs. Since the popular uprising of the Tibetans in 1959 against the Chinese Communist occupants, the flag has been forbidden within China. Now it has become a strong symbol among exile Tibetans and for the whole world for Tibetan identity and freedom.

Until 1959 the snow lion was also shown on other symbols of Tibetan independence - on bank notes, stamps, coins and official documents."

Dances in general have been very popular in Tibet since time immemorial, especially folk religious and sorcerer's dance. It is worthwhile mentioning that nearly every Tibetan knows how to sing and dance. And most of the dances are influenced by nature and surroundings, with dances for every occasion.