Mountain Meadows Massacre In The News Again

Samuel the Utahnite
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Who was responsible for Mountain Meadows Massacre? Thanks to current Apostle Dallin H. Oaks, we no longer have to wonder, as he finally admitted in "the Mormons" documentary, that it was Mormon leadership and members that committed these heinous murders of innocent men, women and children.

He also said that he prays that those Mormons who did it will be forgiven by God. Of course the lead man in the slaughter was John D. Lee and the Mormon Hierarchy has already forgiven him, after they reinstated all of his blessings, including the temple, in 1961.

John D. Lee was excommunicated and then executed for his role in this tragic mass murder.

The movie "September Dawn", comes out on June 22, when everyone will finally learn the truth, as they used actual transcripts, diaries, records, etc, to get it 100% historically correct.

With Oaks' open and clear admission of guilt, which completely contradicts current Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley(who says he has no idea who committed the executions), we no longer have to wonder who committed these heinous acts.

Let's hope that Oaks' confession will finally be enough to open up class action lawsuits against the Mormon church and Hierarchy, by the surviving family members, of those who were slaughtered at the hands of Mormon leadership.


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mr young himself ordered this to happen.they did nothing without him telling them to to he was there leader and so called god.
By bighate37 5 years ago