Tech Visionary George Gilder: "Bitcoin is the Libertarian Solution to the Money Enigma."

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"Bitcoin is a breakthrough in information theory that allows
[users] to conduct provable transactions that can't
be changed...without reference to trusted third parties," says
tech writer and investor George Gilder. "[Bitcoin] is the perfect
libertarian solution to the money enigma."When Gilder makes tech predictions, it's worth paying attention.
Microcosm: The Quantum Revolution in Economics and
Technology (1989) he described how the silicon chip would
usher in a new information age. In
TELECOSM: How Infinite Bandwidth will Revolutionize Our
World (2000), he predicted the rise of hand-held
computers and fiber optics.
Life After Television: The Coming Transformation of Media and
American Life (1990), Gilder predicted
that "telecomputers" would one day provide a limitless
alternative to broadcast television. That was 15 years before the
launch of YouTube.Reason TV's Nick Gillespie sat down with Gilder to talk about
why he thinks Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology. The interview
took place at FreedomFest
2014, an annual convention for libertarians held each year in
Las Vegas.Shot and edited by Jim Epstein; additional camera Zach
About 19:30.Scroll down for downloadable versions and subscribe to Reason TV's YouTube
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Video provided by Reason TV
Producer : Reason TV