Naruto - Linkin Park - No More Sorrow

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6 commentaires

bonne syncro gg
Par shahzad il y a 6 ans
trop bien cette video ! j'adore !
Par zoubida23 il y a 6 ans
I can't speak english very well but I will try to answer to you. I make amv's sometimes bad sometimes good. This amv is not very good, I acknowledge it. But I do not make any only to make some. This one I spent at least 2 hours there. If it be not be successful it be that I have not either a computer very powerful because it is not working well at all. Maybe you are the best to create amv's but I do what I can.
Par Fallen_Flake il y a 7 ans
dude this is like one continuous clip... no clip editing whatsoever.. must've taken you like 10 minutes. I hate it when people make amv's like this. The worst part is when they actually get praised for it. Check out mine, it's actually good.
Par Missing_Link il y a 7 ans
fuck your mother son of a bithc dbz sucks naruto
Par Fallen_Flake il y a 7 ans
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