Ric Flair vs Sting-WCW Heavyweight Title


by TSteck160

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Late '95 Early '96 was an exciting time in WCW for several seasons - among them the wider variety of individuals involved in the top storylines and the untenability of the world title. After the Huckster controlled the title for nearly 15 consecutive months - it changed hands 6 times within less than 6 months. (Probably a purposeful tactic by the politicker - so people's minds are filled with others' holding the title but not very long - as he's the only 1 who could offer stability to the title.) Anyway, this match occurred a few weeks after Flair defeated Savage for the title at Starrcade '95. I don't quite recall why Jimmy Hart was Flair's manager cause the Horsemen were back - that goofball is Not Horsemen material. Notice Sting's hair - letting the roots show/getting darker. This started late '95 - maybe represented his growing frustartion with the sport - consistently overlooked in storylines to the other one billed from Venice Beach, unknowingly they planted seeds 4 DA feud of 97
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Miguel Ubieto
Sting vs Ric Flair, two of the most techniques wrestlers of the history. WCW! WCW!
By Miguel Ubieto8 years ago