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    Show & Tell: Vintage Lucite

    Beadaholique Dot Com

    by Beadaholique Dot Com

    42 views - Want to add a unique touch to your designs? Try adding vintage lucite components. These pendants and beads feature interesting shapes, designs, and colors that are sure to spark your creativity. Check them out at Please note, these are available in limited quantities.

    Designer: Julie Bean

    You can find the supplies in this video at

    Vintage Lucite Beads

    Vintage Lucite, Ornate Tube Beads 40x13mm, 1 Piece, Turquoise with Brass Patina
    SKU: BPL-1169

    Vintage Lucite, Large Teardrop Beads 30x20mm, 2 Pieces, Black with Gold Lining
    SKU: BPL-1166

    Vintage Lucite, Round Baroque Beads 16mm, 4 Pieces, Crystal with Gold Sparkle
    SKU: BPL-1172

    Vintage Lucite, Large Earring Loops 40mm, 2 Pieces, Translucent Matte Dark Green
    SKU: BPL-1179

    Vintage Lucite, Smooth Tube Beads 39x9mm, 4 Pieces, Matte Crystal Blue
    SKU: BPL-1187

    Vintage Lucite, Triangular Pendant with Lines 54x16mm, 2 Pieces, White Pearl
    SKU: BPL-1153

    Vintage Lucite, Elephant Shaped Pendants 31x21mm, 2 Pieces, Black with Gold
    SKU: BPL-1158

    Vintage Lucite, Faceted Rondell Spacer Beads 13x18mm, 10 Pieces, Cinnabar with Brass Patina
    SKU: BPL-1161

    Vintage Lucite, Earring Hoops 39mm, 2 Pieces, Pearl AB
    SKU: BPL-1164

    Vintage Lucite, Smooth Round Beads 20mm, 4 Pieces, Amber Swirl
    SKU: BPL-1178

    Vintage Lucite, Sea Shell Pendants 32x13.5mm, 2 Pieces, Turquoise with Brass Patina
    SKU: BPL-1165

    Vintage Lucite, Freeform Nugget Beads 12x9mm, 10 Pieces, Matte Yellow
    SKU: BPL-1151

    Vintage Lucite, Elegant Earring Hoops 35mm, 2 Pieces, Opaque Black
    SKU: BPL-1163

    Vintage Lucite, Smooth Round Beads 12mm Diameter, 10 Pieces, Cinnabar Patina
    SKU: BPL-1159

    Vintage Lucite, Faceted Cube Beads 22mm, 4 Pieces, Opaque Black
    SKU: BPL-1171

    Beadalon Large Beading Mats - Prevent Bead Rolling 13 X 18 Inch (Set of 2)
    SKU: XTL-9935