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    Aamir Khan's PK Posters Finally Clothed, Congress MLA Covers Cutout

    Bollywood Live

    by Bollywood Live

    Aamir Khan might have in the past impressed one and all by his innovative film promotion ideas and techniques, but this time he fails flat to please everyone.
    Why do we say, so you ask? Well, the story goes something like this…
    Remember the PK poster from his upcoming film in which he poses nude? The politicians are now draping the poster. Yikes!
    Yes…Congress MLA Krishna Hegde wants the Talaash actor to get rid of this poster as it creates a bad taste among his fans. Is it?
    He even dressed up a cutout of the offensive poster here to register our protest. Do you think Mr. Perfectionist should withdraw the poster as it offends sensibilities?
    Well, with so much already being written and said about the poster, we wonder weren’t the makers expecting such a cold reception to their otherwise ‘innovative’ promotional gimmick. What say?