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    20,000 Izadi Kurds arrive in refugee camp at Syria border


    by PressTV

    Escaping on foot, in trucks and cars. At least 20-thousand people, mostly from Iraq’s Izadi Kurd community, have arrived at the border with Syria.

    The Iraqi refugees are mostly women, children and the elderly. They fled their homes in the Kurdish town of Sinjar after it fell to ISIL militants nearly a week ago. The Takfiri group accuses the Kurdish community of worshiping the devil. It has also declared Shia Muslims heretics. Tens of thousands of Izadi Kurds have already left their homes and are reportedly stranded on mountains near Sinjar. They're at risk of starvation and some countries have begun airlifting food and water to them. Some of those who’ve crossed Tigris River into Newroz refugee camp on the other side of the border have talked about their ordeal.