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    Flip it Parody: Spin your phone right round and avoid vertical video syndrome

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    Watch Landscape Man take on Devo, Bonnie Tyler, and Dead or Alive in NMA’s music video parody for all the vertical video shooters of the internet.

    --- “Flip It” ---

    Phones that flip
    Shoot the viral clip
    Portrait what the heck?
    Break your momma's neck

    When a street fight comes along (You must flip it)
    When tornadoes come on strong (You must flip it)
    When the dog’s done something wrong (You must flip it)

    Now flip it, landscape
    Hold steady, level straight
    Go forward, move ahead

    16 by 9 it, It's not too late
    To flip it, Flip it good!

    --- “Total Turn of the Phone” ---

    (Turn your phone)
    Every now and then I get a little bit lazy
    When I pull out my phone

    (Turn your phone)
    Every now and then I get a little inspired
    when I see a couple rocking the car

    (Turn your phone)
    Every now and then I get a little bit nervous
    And everybody’s screaming WorldStar

    (Turn your phone)
    Every now and then I just dream of a world where
    every television’s turned on its side

    (Turn your phone, sideways)
    Oh my god the picture looks so full
    (Turn your phone, sideways)
    I feel like you just opened my eyes

    And now I see the light
    Landscape mode is better
    Finally I’m holding it right
    I’ll record like this forever
    The next time I’m filming a fight
    Screw all those portrait mode

    --- “Spin Your Phone Right Round” ---

    I don't wanna know your name
    And I see you’re in portrait mode now baby

    All I know is that for me
    You’re messing up your video
    Open up your freaking eyes
    See what's up, what's up

    Spin your phone right round, baby
    Right round when you hit record
    Right round round round

    Spin your phone right round, baby
    Right round horizontal, baby
    Now you know how

    Show your friends how
    Make your mom proud
    Do it
    Show your dog now
    I’ll break your arm now
    ‘Cause you know how


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