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    Kurds Defeat ISIL in Gwer


    by PressTV

    The Kurds have retaken Gwer.
    After an all-out offensive and two days of US airstrikes on ISIL posts, the Kurdish Peshmerga say they have reclaimed Gwer. As the clashes were still taking place Press TV camera went in to get the scoop. We have reached the last Peshmerga checkpoint in the region of Gwer which is only 30 Km away from the Kurdish capital city of Arbil. A few kilometers from where we’re standing is where the clashes are taking place and where the US airstrikes have been launched. Now as you can see behind me the Kurdish Peshmerga are heavily deployed on the ground. We then moved to the line of fire separating the ISIL Al-Qaeda offshoot group and the Kurdish Peshmerga troops. Right now we are at the front-line. We have just crossed a couple of Kilometers from the last Peshmerga checkpoint and have reached the front-line between ISIL and the Kurdish troops. Now I don't know if you can see but I am going to walk you through this: if you look over there you’re going to find that the Peshmerga have dug up several trenches to protect their borders from the terrorist ISIL groups; as we were told by the field commander the clashes are taking place on the other side. Press TV spoke to Kurdish MP – Jamal Mortka – who confirmed that the Kurdish troops have gained the upper hand. The field commanders here told us that ISIL militants are suffering great losses on the other side. Meanwhile soldiers at the front-line tell Press TV they’re not planning to leave their posts anytime soon. Overtaking Gwer last week, ISIL was posing a threat to the Kurdish capital – Arbil. In the past two days several waves of US airstrikes on ISIL militants in Northern Iraq to back the kurds. Iraqi Premier - Nouri Al-Maliki- has ordered the Iraqi air force to back the Kurds as well. Top Kurdish official – Hoshyar Zibari – and Kurdish President’s chief of Staff – Fouad Hussein have confirmed the joint military and security efforts between Baghdad and Arbil. This new development is seen as a major de-escalation of the tensions Kurdish-Iraqi ties have seen recently.