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    UK deportation system slammed


    by PressTV

    The voice of a detainee facing imminent removal from Britain. His story represents the thousands threatened with being forcibly removed from the UK under a system protesters say is unfair.
    Immigration removal centers, run by private contractors on behalf of the UK government, have been accused of breaching the human rights of some of the detainees- a charge the firms strongly deny- A number of high profile deaths, including that of a 40 year old Jamaican woman at Yarlswood runs contrary to those claims. This is perhaps the last image of Britain many who lose their bid to stay in the UK will see. With all appeals exhausted and any chance of a legal solution practically non-existent, their dreams of a new life in Britain now lie in tatters. UK officials say they must control immigration numbers but those seeking refuge ask at what cost? Despite a pending public parliamentary inquiry looking into detention and a judge ruling the fast track system unlawful, campaigners say there is still work to do to stop the scapegoating of those whose only crime is wanting a better life.