ISIL threatening Baghdad security


by PressTV

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With the ISIL advancing towards the Kurdish capital Arbil, the first question that comes to mind is, whether the capital Baghdad is safe from the advance of terrorists. Volunteers and Asaeb we met said that it was safe, for there are three stages of security measurement taken to secure the capital.
The first front line which militants will have to go through is the Iraqi army, which is so far pushing back militants in Dhiala and Salaheddin provinces, the second one is the Asaeb which are considered the second defense line, they are very well equipped and trained and willing to sacrifice to save the capital, and the thirds line of defense is from citizens who decided to take arms and form what they call people's committees to secure their areas. ISIL militants threatened earlier to reach the capital, however their plans were aborted when the Iraqi army started its counter operations and pushed them back. The Iraqi army's first strategy was to secure the capital from the ISIL advance; militants were just few kilometers away in Dhiala which is considered the nearest point to the capital that militants could get to. So far the capital Baghdad has been safe from the ISIL militants, and analysts believe that the takfiri group will not be able to reach it because more measures are being taken against it.