Divine Gift: From Gates of Fire to...

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"The stream of mercy is in my opinion, a continuous, replenishing resource. You access the stream of mercy through the divine act of giving," says Steve Bonenberger, author of THROUGH GATES OF FIRE.

The problem is that many people have the wrong idea about giving. They give only to hear praise about their sacrifice or give only from the things that are not important to them.

The following tips will lead you to a place in your life where grace enriches your life by enriching the life of others:
**Give a gift anonymously. Do not let the receiver of the gift know that you are the giver.
**No one must know you are struggling by giving the gift. When you give something which is very difficult to give, then you become a conduit of mercy.

Once you begin this stream of mercy, you will meet others who are doing the same. They will come into your life and both of you will find power in your proactive lives. Your lives will progress in the direction meant for you.

DrProactive Randy Gilbert interviewed Steve Bonenberger and you can hear the entire interview for free at http://insidesuccessradio.com/Guests/Steve-Bonenberger