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    Turns Out Women Are Just As Into This Thing As We Are...


    by askmen


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    I really hate this trend of damming white guys, like just because I'm white doesn't mean I bear any responsibility for oh I dunno, slavery for example or any of the other innumerable atrocities committed by those of the fairer complexion. I'm only responsible for my own actions and beliefs. I'm sick and tired of this whole trending ideology that if any group of people did something in the past any other group that looks somewhat like them is now the logical target to direct the correlating shame and responsibility. In many cases there aren't even direct correlations in lineage, for instance while some may look white (and we all know all white ppl are obviously the same, right *insert sarcastic tone) they may be Jewish or of Eastern European decent until recently and would therefore have no ties to those dudes who committed all that messed up slavery, as previously stated in our example.
    By DSahSahLast year