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Baby in hot car: disturbing new trend or disturbing news trend?

3 years ago88 views

A hot new trend is sweeping the US, but unfortunately this latest fad is babies in hot cars. Suddenly it seems irresponsible parents left and right are leaving their kids in sweltering hot vehicles. Is this a disturbing new trend?

Many cases have involved parents “forgetting” their kids. Okay, you forget where you put your keys, but how do you forget you put the baby?

Tragically, since 1998, about 39 kids die every year in hot cars. But it’s just now the news media has decided to report on them. This year in the US, 20 children have died so far in hot vehicles.

Let’s be realistic, parents have been leaving kids in hot places pretty much since the beginning of time and, throughout most of history, most of the time with no problem.
That being said, if you’re prone to forgetting that you have kids, maybe it’s time to think about putting them up for adoption.


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