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    NSA and National Security Won't Decide 2016 Election


    by FORA TV

    NSA and National Security Won't Decide 2016 Election
    The New Republic - Newseum
    #pressing brings together Washington's leading voices for smart discourse on pressing policy issues. #pressingLIVE is not your typical policy event.  Hosted by The New Republic's Chris Hughes and Frank Foer and guided by the thoughtful narration of POLITICO's Mike Allen, Slate's David Weigel, and CNN's S.E. Cupp and Van Jones, participants discussed what is actually working in American policymaking--identifying innovative solutions on a range of issues, including:The nexus of tech innovation and regulation, with Mike AllenIncreasing job accessibility through prison reform and new models in education, with Van JonesBalancing privacy and national security, with David WeigelThe policies that most appeal to millennial values, with S.E. Cupp