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    Girl Carries Polio-Stricken Friend To School For Four Years

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    For the past four years a girl in China has carried her Polio-stricken friend on her back to school. Because of this, Chinese netizens have voted her "the most beautiful primary student."

    Polio is a crippling disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. While it was eradicated in the United States, it can still be found in Asia and Africa.

    A girl in the Hunan province of China has polio and can't make it to school on her own, so her friend helps her get there everyday.

    For three years, He Qin-jiao carried He Ying-hui on her back to school because her family was unable to do it.

    During a writing exercise He Ying-hui wrote of her friend, "He Qin-jiao uses her little young shoulders to prop up my sky."

    In 2013, He Ying-hui received a wheelchair. From that point on, He Qin-jiao has pushed her to school and carried her up to their second floor classroom.

    He Qin-jiao's selflessness has earned her the title of "most beautiful primary school student" amongst China's netizens.

    Both girls are set to graduate primary school this year.

    He Qin-jiao has said she will continue to help He Ying-hui when they attend secondary school. Unfortunately, tuition is an issue for He Qin-jiao's financially strapped family and she may not be able to attend.