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    Serial Airplane Stowaway Caught Once Again

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    For some time, Marilyn Hartman has made a habit of stowing away on flights departing from California and heading to the Hawaiian Islands.

    For some time, Marilyn Hartman has been trying to stowaway on flights, most of them from San Francisco heading to the Hawaiian Islands.

    She was recently at it again, but this time successfully managed to fly from Mineta San Jose International Airport to Los Angeles.

    Southwest Airlines personnel noticed something was fishy after doing a head count and reported Hartman to authorities once the plane landed at LAX.

    She was charged with an undisclosed misdemeanor and bail was set at 5 hundred dollars.

    The incident has raised many concerns.

    At the top of the list is how she managed to bypass airport security and its pat downs, scans, and screenings, with boarding passes presented at multiple checkpoints.

    Following a previous arrest she was referred to a mental health facility.

    Hartman has been described as seeming very lonely.