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    Calls for experimental Ebola drug used on US patients to be rolled out to West Africa

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    A second US patient to contract Ebola has arrived back in Atlanta.

    Nancy Writebol was working at an Ebola center for Christian missionary organisation SIM (Serving In Mission). She and American doctor Kent Brantly are being treated in hopsital with an experimental drug ZMapp. The drug’s safety has not been tested on humans; experts say it is too soon to know if it is effective.

    The president of SIM, Bruce Johnson, said some good was coming out of non-Africans getting Ebola.

    “One positive is that suddenly the world has taken note and said we must do something about the situation in west Africa. Second positive that we’re hoping will come out of this is that there will be a cure for Ebola, that would be incredible.”

    Liberian officials say dying patients there are asking why they are not being given the same drug as Americans. The officials are due to meet with the World Health Organization to see if they can get the experimental drug rushed in to use for their infected patients who number in the hundreds.

    Meanwhile a 75 year old Spanish priest with Ebola is due to be airlifted back from Liberia to Spain. Miguel Pajares came down with the virus after visiting a hospital director who has since died of the virus.

    The outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia has claimed almost 900 lives so far.