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    Michelle Obama declares war: new law destroys school bake sales

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    Michelle Obama’s ongoing war against expanding waistlines has produced its first casualty, the good old American bake sale, thanks to a federal law that aims to curb childhood obesity.

    School bake sales will now have to meet nutritional guidelines, which could mean that cupcakes and brownies will be no more. In their place? Fruit cups and granola bars.

    The restrictions that took effect in July stem from the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act pushed by Michelle and her Let’s Move campaign, which overhauled nutrition standards for more than 30 million kids.

    The law also required the U.S. Department of Agriculture to set standards for all food and beverages sold during the school day, which includes snack carts, vending machines and daytime fundraisers.

    But the problem is that bake sales also fall under those requirements, so say goodbye to those cupcakes, chocolate bars and brownies and hello to fruit cups and granola bars, which are also mostly sugar by the way.

    The new requirements may even lead to schools switching to more processed-foods due to the fact they have nutritional labeling. More processed foods, that ought to help waistlines.


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