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    SRK Was A MONKEY Before? | OMG

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    Wait what? Shah Rukh Khan had once become a monkey? Whoa! Now where does that come from? Well, we freaked out as much as you did! But before triggering your guns onto any more wild imaginations, here’s a breather that pushes this story, back to his young, old, teenage days! Yes peeps! Not that he loved being a monkey there, but owing towards a little share of his initial struggles on becoming an actor, SRK narrated a hilarious incident when he was being plotted as the monkey in an infamous stage play, Ramlila! In fact, elating to his monkey-with-a-long tail, SRK further elated to this play and a few more plays and affirmed that hadn’t he performed live being a monkey or aping Prithviraj Kapoor back then, he wouldn’t have ever become such a big star, today! Whoa…now who would have thought of that? Great story though!