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    Meet "Brazilian Michael Jackson": the King of Pop's Surgically Enhanced Superfan

    Barcroft TV

    by Barcroft TV

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    Michael Jackson obsessed Antonio Gleidson Rodrigues has had plastic surgery to look like the star and performs like him for a living.The 32-year-old known as Gleidson Jackson, has had a rhinoplasty to emulate Michael Jackson’s infamous nose, tattooed his eyebrows, grew out his hair and had hyaluronic acid and botox applications to enhance his cheekbones. He also had teeth surgery and asked his doctor to give him a smile similar to Michael Jackson’s. Gleidson, from Fortaleza, Brazil, has lost weight and wears heeled shoes to match the singer’s weight and height. He works as a professional impersonator and dances at parties and shows. He also teaches children how to dance at a centre for street kids.

    Producer: Dan Howlett
    Editor: Kyle Waters/ Sonia Estal