Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin, WWE Survivor Series 1996, Part 2


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2/3 part from the Austin/Hart match of the 1996 Survivor Series.

Bret Hart left the WWF ring for eight months...When he returned, he just had to fight the 1996 sensation: Bionic Redneck, Texas Rattlesnake, toughest S.O.B ever, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

2ème Partie (/3) du match aux Survivor Series 1996 entre Austin et Hart.

Part 1:
Part 3:

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I've never heard Vince this un-enthused ever doing commentary, and this is a PPV. They keep saying Bret might have ring rust and hasn't wrestled, that's a lie cus Bret worked all the foreign tours over his break and just gave his face a rest in the USA. They wanted to make Austin look real strong and good, so that's why they kept saying that shit.
Par theShowStopper321 il y a 4 ans
Par Moneyinc41 il y a 4 ans
joli match
Par juju lulu il y a 5 ans
austin is the best ever
Par Jasen Jasen il y a 7 ans