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    Another attempt at a truce as Egypt tries to bring Hamas and Israel to the peace table

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Israel and Hamas have agreed to hold their fire for three days, under the terms of an Egyptian-brokered truce.

    The ceasefire will start at 08.00 local time (07.00 CEST) on Tuesday.

    During that time the two sides are supposed to start talks towards a long-term deal to end the four week long Gaza war.

    However several previous attempts to stop the bloodshed have failed with both sides claiming the other had gone back on their word.

    Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev viewed the truce agreement with caution:

    “We’ll be watching very closely, though,because as we’ve seen, as recently as last Friday, Hamas has violated ceasefires that it supposedly committed to. So we’ll be watching closely. We’ll be ready for any development.”

    But Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said they were ready to accept the 72-hour truce if Israel sticks to all aspects of the proposed deal .

    “The Israeli occupation forces should withdraw outside the border. According to this agreement, the other members of the Palestinian delegation will travel to Cairo. There will be indirect negotiations through the Egyptian mediation.”

    Israeli air strikes have destroyed countless Palestinian homes as they sought to dismantle Hamas infiltration tunnels and take out Hamas rockets.

    Monday’s temporary “humanitarian truce” did allow some aid trucks into the coastal territory but it soon ended with Hamas accusing Israel of bombing a refugee camp killing a young girl.